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Our Top Toy Picks: 5 Best Toys for Dachshunds

Dachshunds - also known as sausage dogs - are universally loved, and it’s easy to see why. Who could resist those floppy ears and their loving, smart (if a little stubborn) temperament? Not us, that’s for sure. 

Dachshunds may have (adorable) little legs, but their jaws can be surprisingly strong. When you pair that with their innate desire to play and tug, finding the best toys for dachshunds becomes an essential part of building a strong bond that leads to a happy, rewarding life together. 

At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we specialise in making durable, irresistible training toys for every breed - dachshunds very much included! 

Here’s our handy rundown of the best toys for daxies: 

1. Sheepskin Chaser

Pic credit: @pebbles.the.dachshund

Our Sheepskin Chaser is a firm favourite with Tug-E-Nuff customers with dachshunds. Its long, strong handle means it’s perfect for playtime without lots of back-breaking bending down to be at their level.

Drag it along the floor and watch your daxie light up as they run after it. Then, let them grab on to the large, fluffy bite area, made with responsibly-sourced British sheepskin for a rewarding game of tug. Ideal for bond-boosting play in the garden or in the house on a rainy day.  

Like all our own-brand products, the Sheepskin Chaser is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Promise so you can treat your dachshund to a toy they’ll love with complete peace of mind. 

2. Little Tuggers - Faux Fur Bungee

Re-launched in 2019 with a new range of exciting colours, the Little Tuggers Faux Fur Bungee certainly deserves a top spot in the best toys for dachshunds. It has a bungee handle made with climbing grade webbing that will withstand hours of tugging, without any strain for you or your dog.

The bite area is designed to be perfect for the smaller mouths of dachshunds and made with durable faux fur. Grab one of your own to introduce your dachshund to the magic of playing tug. 

3. The Clam

Pic credit: @walkiesinnorfolk

Is your dachshund food motivated? Silly question - of course they are! The Clam is our most popular toy ever for foodie dogs - it’s also one of our most versatile.

Hide a small handful of yummy treats between the two ‘shells’ and let your dog reward themselves from a distance. Use it for a range of enrichment activities around the house, driving forward in training or as the perfect recall reward. 

4. Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker

All the fun of playing tug - with added squeak! Our picks of the best toys for dachshunds wouldn’t be complete without a nod to our Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker.

Tap into your daxie’s natural instincts with the irresistible scent of real, responsibly-sourced rabbit skin and watch them go wild when they hear the satisfying squeak. Perfect for popping in your pocket as a recall reward when out on walks. 

5. Little Tuggers Crazy Thing

Our Little Tuggers Crazy Thing has all the motivational magic of the full size version of this toy - including soft strips of tuggable fleece which cleverly mimic the feathers of a bird, just in a more daxie-friendly size.

It’s easy to create lots of movement and tempt your dachshund into some rewarding play. If you’re looking for a high value reward when training your dachshund, this toy is it. 



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