Want supercharged recalls?

Why it matters: Good recall matters because it keeps your dog safe, within your sight and focused on the training task at hand.

The sticking point: Some dogs struggle with recall because they don’t understand the cue or they get easily distracted when out and about.

The solution: The right training toy gives your dog a reason to return. Our tried-and-tested recall range includes fur chasers that tap into the natural hunting instinct, toys with an irresistible hidden squeak and toys that cleverly hide treats for a tasty (and instant) reward. 

Scroll down to shop our top recall supercharging picks.

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Sheepskin Tug Sold out

Sheepskin Tug

Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear


Strong, portable and incredibly motivating, the Sheepskin Tug is ideal for all dogs and a must-have for any training kit. Description It offers se...

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Faux Fur Tug Sold out

Faux Fur Tug

Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear


The Faux Fur Tug is a fantastic recall aid – we've yet to meet a dog who doesn't come running when they see it! Description Whether you choose to ...

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PULLER Sold out
from £10.95




Puller is more than just a toy for dogs. This is a fitness tool!Puller uniqueness lies in the fact that it is able to provide the necessary workou...

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Skin Fling Sold out

Skin Fling

Animal Instincts


Stuffing free, squeaky dog toy with a tough rubber head. Description Animal instincts flings have a super soft exterior, are stuffing free, have a ...

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