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Toys for Food Motivated Dogs


  • Bungee Food Bag

    36 reviews

    Description The Bungee Food Bag is ideal for putting a spring in the step of food-driven dogs.  If your dog is motivated by food but needs a lit...

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  • Food Bag

    51 reviews

    Our Food Bag allows you to use your dog's food obsession to your advantage by encouraging them to play and interact. Ideal if your dog needs a lit...

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  • zzSold out

    Power Clam

    25 reviews

    We’ve taken our most popular ever toy, The Clam, to the next level… Say hello to The Power Clam! The magical training powers of The Clam have been ...

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  • The Clam

    334 reviews

    The Clam is an innovative treat-dispensing toy that makes training a whole lot more rewarding for you and your food-motivated dog! This pocket-size...

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