Top Toy Picks: 3 of the Best Toys For Spaniels

Cuddly, easy-going and never happier than when they’re at your side, spaniels are wonderful dogs and popular pets.

With their soft, silky coat and irresistible eyes, spaniels are highly intelligent companions that take to training easily and learn fast...

Spaniels thrive when they are well-stimulated – and one of the best ways to offer the stimulation they need is by playing with exciting, enticing training toys like the ones we hand-make here at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear.

Whether you’ve got a cocker spaniel, springer spaniel of a King Charles spaniel, here are our top picks of toys that all spaniels simply love…

  1. Sheepskin Chaser

Traditionally, spaniels were bred to be used as gun dogs. That means chasing is second nature to them. By having a toy like our Sheepskin Chaser in your toolkit, you can harness your spaniel’s chase instinct and turn it into a powerful tool for training success.

This chaser tug is made with real, ethically-sourced sheepskin with a scent and texture that we promise your spaniel will find irresistible. It’s super motivating and the perfect reward for good behaviour.

  1. The Clam

One of the things spaniels love the most (after their humans) is food. If your spaniel doesn’t always get excited by toys alone, it’s time you tried our innovative Clam.Featured on TV and officially our most popular toy, The Clam is a game-changer with all dogs, but always a hit with spaniels.

Skyrocket your training by instantly rewarding your spaniel from a distance by hiding treats inside the Clam’s cleverly-concealed pouch that’s perfectly sized for a spaniel’s nose to open up, but small enough that treats don’t fall out when you throw it.

Try it once and you’ll never look back!

  1. Tennis Ball Bungee

Does your spaniel love a tennis ball? Then they’ll go wild for this bungee that turns the humble tennis ball into a next-level training aid. This Tennis Ball Bungee can be thrown and fetched, then returned for a rewarding game of tug – and with a super strong bungee handle, you can play with confidence that it will stand up to tugging from the most enthusiastic of spaniels.

It’s a simple but successful design that works time after time, offering you and your spaniel hours of playtime together that will do wonders for improving your bond.

Wondering how to keep your Tug-E-Nuff toys in good nick? Here’s our three-step guide.

What’s your spaniel’s favourite Tug-E-Nuff toy? We’d love you to tell us in the comments!

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