Top toy picks: 3 of the best toys for Collies

Intelligent and endlessly loving, collies are a popular choice for dog lovers, and it’s easy to see why. Bred to be excellent herders, collies are fiercely loyal dogs that make perfect companions. They excel at agility and obedience and are playful and gentle by nature.

At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we’ve got a quite few collies of our own so we know them inside out. In fact, we designed lots of our innovative tug toys with our own collies in mind.

To help you make training, living and having fun with your collie a breeze, here are our picks of the best toys for collies:

Sheepskin Chaser Tug

Although collies are less commonly used for herding sheep these days (and more likely to be found snuggled up on a sofa or racing around an Agility course!), the herding instinct is still with them – which is why our toys made with real sheepskin are such a hit.

Our Sheepskin Chaser Tug is the perfect toy for introducing your dog to playing with sheepskin. It has a long, cushioned handle allowing you to play tug from a distance and create lots of enticing movement. There’s also a super satisfying bite area (trust us, the prospect of sinking their teeth into soft sheepskin will drive your dog wild!).

If you want to go the extra mile, we also have the Sheepskin Rubber Ball Bungee and the Sheepskin Bungee Chaser with Tennis Ball. All of them are guaranteed to get your playful collie feeling fired up.

The Clam

It won’t take your intelligent collie to suss out how to use our innovate Clam toy and they’ll soon decide it’s a firm favourite. This pocket-sized, treat-concealing training aid is perfect for rewarding your dog instantly from a distance. It’s our most popular ever toy – and that’s because it simply gets awesome results. 

Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker 

For a collie, there’s not much that’s more irresistible that a training toy made from real rabbit fur - that also squeaks! This toy will really tap into their prey drive, which means playing with it becomes a high value reward you can use in training sessions. Plus, it’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, ready to take everywhere and pull out at just the right moment!

Stuck for ideas on games to play with your tug toy? Get some inspiration here.

What’s your collie’s favourite Tug-E-Nuff toy? We’d love you to tell us in the comments!

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