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Our Top Toy Picks For GSDs

German shepherd dogs - also known as GSDs or Alsatians, are magnificent creatures. If you’ve got one as your four-legged friend, lucky you!

Despite being on the larger side, GSDs are gentle and can adapt well to life as a working dog or a family pet. GSDs are also intelligent and can be successfully trained - there’s a reason you see so many of them as search and rescue dogs. 

But they are also high-energy dogs who need a lot of stimulation and exercise. If you don’t offer them enough, there’s a chance your GSD can express unwanted behaviours like barking and chewing. 

A once-a-day walk just won’t cut it. Your GSD needs interactive, engaging PLAY. And for that, you need stimulating, durable training toys. 

Here are our top picks of the best toys for German Shepherds….

  1. Frisbee

Your GSD will simply love fetching, catching and tugging with our innovative Frisbee. As well as folding up small enough to take out and about in your pocket, the frisbee flies beautifully. It’s super durable and waterproof too. And as with all our toys, if you try it and you aren’t happy, you’ve got 30 days for a no quibble refund or return

What our customers with a GSD say about the Tug-E-Nuff Frisbee

‘Chase + fetch + tug = best. toy. ever!

My dog absolutely loves this and so do I!! Frisbees are the most exciting thing to my dog but she doesn’t get to play with them that much because she usually destroys them so quickly. The material is super durable so I don’t have to worry about my “German shredder” breaking it and it blew her mind when she discovered we could play tug with this one as well as chase games!! Would 100% recommend!!’

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  1. Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead

German shepherds can have a strong tug - which is why our Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead is so popular with owners of this breed. This exceptionally strong lead features a comfortable cushioned handle and strong bungee webbing to keep you comfortable on walks if your GSD tends to pull. You can also use it as an on-the-spot reward toy when you’re out on walks. Your GSD won’t be able to resist tugging the braided fleece section which offers a soft and comfortable bite area.

What our customers with a GSD say about the Tug-E-Nuff Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead

‘Multipurpose lead and tug-toy!

We absolutely love it! Great strong lead with bungee which really helps when my GSD (pictured above)  gets excited and pulls, also has a comfortable grip so I don’t have to worry about rope burn anymore! Perfectly doubles up as a tug toy too so if we forget to take treats on our walk I can still reward her recalls etc. And will be using for when we’re waiting around when doing agility also :)’

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  1. Sheepskin Chaser Tug

Is it any wonder GSDs simply can’t get enough of our Sheepskin Chaser? With a long, cushioned handle and a large, irresistible bite area with the texture and scent of real sheepskin, this chaser will provide hours of interactive chasing fun! 

What our customers with a GSD say about the Tug-E-Nuff Sheepskin Chaser: 

‘Absolutely brilliant

My German shepherd couldn't be more happy with her new "tug" toy.’

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  1. Hol-ee Roller

This versatile toy is ideal for GSDs. Its ingenious, patented honeycomb design combined with natural, tough rubber makes the Hol-ee Roller a bouncy, fun fetch ball and tug toy all in one! 

What our customers with a GSD say about the Hol-ee Roller

‘Amazing multi-purpose toy!

This is my dog’s new favourite toy, she absolutely loves it! It’s so versatile, great and bouncy for fetch (lightweight so we even play safely indoors on rainy days!) and made of a stretchy yet durable rubber that can take a good game of tug even with my strong German Shepherd (and no “handle” for her to fight for haha), she loves throwing it around playing by herself too which is a bonus for a Velcro dog who usually always wants your attention! 100% would recommend!!’

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**Our thanks to the lovely customers who left the five star reviews referenced here and sent us the accompanying images of their dogs at play!


What’s your GSD’s favourite Tug-E-Nuff toy? Tell us in the comments!

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