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Our Top Toy Picks: Best Toys For Staffies

Staffordshire bull terriers, or staffies, are smart, affectionate, sociable dogs that are easy to live with, and fall in love with.
Staffies often face an unfair reputation for being aggressive dogs - but in fact, for many, they are the perfect, gentle family pet.

What is certain is that staffies need lots of exercise and they have strong jaws that love to play tug (and you can find out more on why that’s so beneficial here).
Perhaps that’s why staffies everwhere love our motivational dog training toys that are perfect for tugging.
So, without further ado, here are our top picks of the best toys for staffies…

  1. Sheepskin Bungee Ring

From the scent to the texture, there’s something about real sheepskin dog toys that staffies find irresistible. We particularly love our Sheepskin Bungee Ring when playing with staffies because it has a super-strong looped bungee handle that is easy for you to hold (without jarring your shoulder) and easy for your staffie to grab. There’s a good size bite area for those strong staffie jaws and it’s perfectly sized for popping in your bag or pocket and taking out and about.

  1. Double-Handled Sheepskin Bungee

When a staffie gets into a game of tug, they like to really let their hair down - and good on them! We created the Double-Handled Sheepskin Bungee specifically for stronger dogs like staffies who enjoy intensive play. This incredibly tough dog toy will entice your staffie to play thanks to the super soft sheepskin and keep them engaged thanks to the two bungee handles that let them go wild without any fear of neck or shoulder strain.

  1. Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead

Sometimes you can’t beat a multipurpose dog toy - and our Bungee Fleece Tuggy Lead is exactly that. If your staffie sometimes pulls on the lead on walks then the strong bungee webbing that runs all the way through the lead's length will help take away some of the strain. But the best bit is the way the lead transforms into a super strong tug toy that’s perfect for on-the-spot reward games of tug when you’re not at home.

  1. Tennis Ball Bungee

Does your staffie love a tennis ball? They aren’t alone! With our Tennis Ball Bungee in your training toolkit, you can turn the humble tennis ball into a super motivating tug toy for your staffie that will help you smash your training goals and keep your staffie focussed and stimulated. Did we mention that it’s perfect for throwing and fetching, too?  


What’s your staffie’s favourite way to play? Tell us in the comments!

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