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Lesson 10: The Benefits Of Real Fur Toys

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  • Rabbit Skin Squeaky Chaser


    Description This chaser toy entices your dog to play with an irresistible combination of real fur and a squeaker! Ideal if you have a dog who ne...

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We’re not just dog lovers at Tug-E-Nuff - we’re animal lovers. So when customers get in touch to ask why we use real fur to make some of our toys, we totally get it. However, we’re proud to say that all the rabbit skin and sheepskin we use is responsibly sourced. It’s actually a byproduct of the meat industry which would otherwise be thrown away. The animals are never bred just for their fur and we only use trusted suppliers from the UK and Western Europe. 

Why do we use real fur for some toys?

The main reason is because it has a unique scent and texture that is super motivating for most dogs - especially those that struggle with recall.

Real fur toys are also so enticing that they act as a gateway toy for nervous dogs or dogs with no play drive, allowing them to discover the joy and benefits of interactive play.

However, we understand that real fur toys aren’t for everyone (or every dog) so we also have an excellent range of toys made with synthetic fur and soft fleece

  • Sheepskin Bungee Ring


    Description Easy to hold, perfectly sized for pockets and durable enough for tenacious tuggers – the Sheepskin Bungee Ring is a win/win for both ...

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  • Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker


    Description If there's one thing that's almost guaranteed to grab a dog's attention, it's the combination of real fur and a squeaker! Featuring ...

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