Three Reasons Playing Tug Is Good For Your Dog

Playing games with your dog is an essential (and fun) part of their development and one of the most popular games owners like to play is tug.

But there are still some people out there who believe a game of tug is a bad idea, fearing its dangerous and can make dogs aggressive or over-excited. 

Well, we’re here to set the record straight. A well-controlled game of tug is actually good for your dog. Here are three reasons why… 

  1. It taps into natural urges

Most dogs instinctively like to grab things with their mouth and pull – it’s just part of who they are. Playing tug is a great outlet for these urges (and can help avoid puppies or untrained dogs from pulling on other things, like your favourite pair of shoes or your new sofa). 

This is even truer if you use a dog training tug toy that’s made with real rabbit fur or sheepskin. Some dogs also enjoy playing ‘rough’ and we always suggest that a controlled game of tug is a safer and better way for your dog to enjoy this type of play.

  1. It strengthens your bond

Playing a game like tug that your dog really loves makes the time they spend with you feel extra special, and it therefore makes the bond and connection you share even more powerful. By being in charge of the tug toy and only bringing it out when you are ready to play, you also reinforce your status as the one in charge.

A good relationship with your dog is the essential foundation for successful training, as well as a long and happy life together, so it’s worth putting in the effort.

  1. It teaches essential skills

Playing tug is a great opportunity to practice commands like ‘sit’ and ‘drop it’. We recommend using a game of tug as a reward once a series of commands have been successfully carried out.

Teaching your dog to drop and leave the toy frequently during a game is also a great way to ensure you stay in control at all times. If you struggle to get your dog to drop the tug toy on command, you may need to use food treats at first before moving on to verbal praise.

If your dog loves to tug, why not treat him to a new tug toy? Our specially-designed range includes something for every dog, from bungee tug toys to tug toys with tennis balls and food pouches attached. We guarantee your dog won’t want to put it down.

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Annette - May 6, 2018

Our dog lives playing tug. He even brings his tug toy to you and puts it in your hand.

Tricia - March 28, 2018

Struggling to get my dog to show much interest in tugging.

Gina - September 20, 2017

Not a good thing to do with a dog you want as a gundog!

Julia - March 27, 2017

Great article! I always have a problem with my dog going for the handle of the tug toy all the time (or wherever my hand is holding the toy) … is that normal?!

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