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Our Top Toy Picks For Smaller Dogs

Good things often come in small packages, if you ask us. But all too often we’ve heard owners of littler breeds or young puppies say they struggle to find dog training toys specifically designed for smaller dogs.

At Tug-E-Nuff, we hate the idea of smaller dogs being left out of all the fun that training toys can bring. We also know from experience that the smaller breeds, like spaniels, terriers and miniature schnauzers, as well as young puppies of bigger breeds, can benefit just as much from a professional training toy as collies, labs and Rottweilers.

That’s why we’ve created our Little Tuggers of toys that have the same clever thinking behind them, but are perfectly suited to smaller mouths and shorter legs.

Here are our top picks:

1. Rabbit Skin Tug

Discover the motivational power of real, responsibly-sourced rabbit skin for your small but mighty dog. The rabbit skin provides a soft yet durable bite area for your dog to tug on, while the toy's overall size makes it perfect for keeping in a pocket and out of sight, ready to be used for recall or reward.

2. The Little Tugger Sheepskin Bungee

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can’t resist real fur. It taps into their instinctive urge to hunt, which makes it a really motivating toy that can be really useful as a reward during training or just for a really fun play session.

Our real fur range for bigger dogs is a huge hit, so we’ve incorporated it into a bungee tug toy that’s perfect for smaller dogs. The fur on our Little Tugger Sheepskin Bungee has been trimmed to a shorter pile, making it easier for dogs with smaller mouths to bite in to. It also has a soft bungee handle to ease the strain for you when playing with it.

Available in a range of colours, it a firm favourite with lots of our smaller four-legged friends.

3. Little Tuggers Crazy Thing

The brightly-coloured individual strands of fleece in our Little Tuggers Crazy Thing are designed to mimic the feathers of a bird – and guaranteed to get your dog super excited.

Best of all, it’s small enough to carry around in your pocket, but tough enough to withstand hours upon hours of tugging fun.

4. Bungee Food Bag

For lots of dogs, big and small, there’s nothing quite as motivating as the prospect of a tasty treat (and who can blame them). Our Bungee Food Bag is perfect because it’s the right size for throwing, with a special pouch for hiding food in for your dog to find. 

If you struggle to motivate your smaller, food-obsessed dog during training sessions, we really recommend giving this toy a try. This one also comes with a small rubber ball attached for extra added fun! It’s available in our online shop now.

What’s your smaller dog’s favourite Tug-E-Nuff toy? Tell us in the comments.

Want to know more about how using fur can tap into a dog’s instinctive urge to play? Check out this post from our archives about the ‘call of the wild’.

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