The Power Of The Pocket: 5 Ways To Up Your Game When Out And About

If you’re anything like us, your pockets aren’t just for things like keys and mobile phones – they’re usually filled with doggy treats, too. 

But did you know that your pocket has the power to let you take motivational, interactive dog toys that transform your training anywhere you go?

We make a range of toys that are cleverly designed to fit in your pocket so they can be taken and used anytime, anywhere. 

That means you never have to miss out on a training opportunity because you left your bigger Tug-E-Nuff training toy at home.

Here’s a run-down of five small but mighty toys – and five ways you can use them to get results…

TOY 1: Pocket Bungee - Sheepskin Ball Tug

The combination of irresistible real sheepskin and textured rubbed ball, along with a strong, comfortable handle, make this pocket-sized toy a real favourite with dogs and owners alike.  

How to use it: Easily conceal this training toy within the palm of your hand, and use it to reward good behaviour – like performing a trick or obeying a simple command – at the perfect moment.

TOY 2: Rabbit Skin Pocket Squeaker

If a dog could make its own toy, we’re pretty sure that real rabbit skin and a squeaky noise would top the list of things to include – and this toy has both. The rabbit skin bite area is a good size and the long-lasting squeaker is great for motivating dogs who might be a bit reluctant to play. 

How to use it: Try moving the toy as if it was live prey – fast, slowly, still, then fast again. Let your dog enjoy trying to catch it – but don’t tease too much, let them enjoy biting down into the fur and hearing the satisfying squeak. This works particularly well as a motivator if your dog has a high chase drive.

TOY 3: Little Tuggers - Crazy Thing

It’s hard to resist the amazing colours of this toy. But they aren’t just to make it look pretty. The colourful fleecy strands are designed to mimic the feathers of a bird, and work hard as a motivational training toy for your dog. These are popular with smaller dogs – but bigger breeds love them too.


How to use it: Reinforce recall and ‘stay’ training with the Crazy Thing. Get your dog’s attention before running away a short distance. Then, call him to you and when they reach you, pull out their Crazy Thing and reward them with a game of tug.

TOY 4: Sheepskin Bungee Ring

The beauty of this toy is in its simplicity. It’s a super-tough ring made with real sheepskin and two strands of durable shock cord for comfortable tugging for you and your dog. We’ve seen great results with all types of dogs, particularly those who tend to bite higher on a longer Tug-E-Nuff toy.

How to use it: The size, shape and weight of this one makes it perfect for a good old fashioned game of fetch. You can throw it almost like you would a Frisbee, and when your dog successfully brings it back you can offer them the perfect reward – a game of tug!

TOY 5: Pocket Bungee - Faux Fur Ball Tug

A pure and simple synthetic fur, pocket-sized toy that gets amazing results.

How to use it: Like all our pocket-sized toys, this can be used in a number of ways. One of our favourites, is to practice recall with it. Dangle it from a distance, watch your dog come running, then offer the perfect reward: a game of tug. Find out more about nailing your recall game here.

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