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Bungee Tug Toys

  • Sheepskin Bungee Chaser with Tennis Ball

    118 reviews

    What do you get if you combine our most popular chaser toy with our signature bungee handle, sheepskin and a tennis ball? A tug toy that has everyt...

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  • Pocket Bungee - Sheepskin Ball Tug

    114 reviews

    Looking for a special motivational toy that you can easily keep under wraps while training? This pocket-sized bungee tug toy is just the ticket.  ...

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  • Sheepskin Bungee Ring

    102 reviews

    Easy to hold, perfectly sized for pockets and durable enough for tenacious tuggers – the Sheepskin Bungee Ring is a win/win for both trainer and do...

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  • Pocket Magnet

    63 reviews

    Ever wanted a secret weapon when out and about with your dog to guarantee they only have eyes for you?  Say hello to the Pocket Magnet: the ultimat...

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  • Double Handled Sheepskin Bungee

    66 reviews

    If your canine companion is a particularly intense tugger, you'll find the extra handle on this sheepskin tug toy gives you the grip and leverage ...

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  • Sheepskin Ball Bungee Tug

    54 reviews

    If your dog is motivated as much by fetching as they are by tugging, this real fur bungee is a absolute winner. Just as tough as our original Shee...

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  • WondaBaa Bungee

    46 reviews

    Experience the Power of Play with our WondaBaa Bungee. It’s the motivational training tuggy that ticks every box for every breed - from small but m...

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  • Little Tuggers - Sheepskin Bungee Tug

    53 reviews

    Puppies and smaller breeds with a passion for tugging and real fur will have a blast with this compact tugger. One of our customers described it a...

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  • Sheepskin Bungee Chaser

    4 reviews

    We’ve taken the classic design of one of our most popular ever toys - the Sheepskin Chaser - and made it even better!  New for 2020, the Sheepskin ...

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