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Strong Dog Tug Toys

Add play to your everyday with our exciting range of shock-absorbing bungee tuggies. 

✔ Each of the toys in this collection features our signature bungee handle - made with double-strength bungee shock cord and covered with durable webbing.

✔ Designed especially to protect the joints of dogs young and old, these training toys are particularly well-suited to enthusiastic tuggers and larger, stronger breeds.

  • Pocket Fauxtastic


    Description Show your pooch they aren’t just a good dog – they’re the best dog, with our Pocket Fauxtastic.  Created as a faux fur (synthetic) al...

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  • Bright Fauxtastic


    Description Your search for a durable tug toy that will stand the test of time is over… Our Bright Fauxtastic tuggy has landed!  This strong, ent...

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  • Big Twizzler


    Description The Big Twizzler is the new kid on the Tug-E-Nuff block! We created a prototype of this bungee, fluffy, colourful creation for Crufts...

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  • Fauxtastic PowerBall Bungee


    Description Grab your dog's attention and keep them coming back for more with this boredom-busting toy. Promising hours of training potential, th...

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  • Pocket PowerBall Fauxtastic


    It may be small, but this pocket-sized tug toy is a big hit with trainers and dogs alike. Ideal for use as a high-value reward, this compact tugger...

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