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Lesson 5: How Play Can Turbocharge Your Dog’s Training

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  • Sheepskin Chaser Tug


    Description This real-fur chaser toy is great for introducing motivational chasing and tug games to puppies, or for encouraging interaction with...

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Positive reinforcement is essential to training because it keeps your dog keen to learn. If your dog thinks there’s a risk of being punished if they do something wrong, they are less likely to be interested in trying new things. By reinforcing good behaviours (rather than punishing bad) you can successfully train your dog, without the risk of the relationship fallout that often comes from punishment.

Play is the ultimate motivator

As dog owners, we often look to treats as a first port of call when it comes to rewards. However, for lots of dogs, play is more motivating than food. For this reason, using your Tug-E-Nuff toy as a go to reward can help boost your dog’s focus and engagement when training. Plus, keeping your Tug-E-Nuff toy specifically for training (in other words, not letting your dog have free rein to play with it whenever they like) can make sure the toy maintains its prized status as a high value reward, and remains highly motivating.

  • Pocket Magnet


    Description Ever wanted a secret weapon when out and about with your dog to guarantee they only have eyes for you?  Say hello to the Pocket Magne...

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  • Bungee Handled Fleece Tug


    Description If fur isn't your dog's thing but they love a good tug, you might just find they like the texture of the soft fleece used to create ...

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