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Take your relationship to a new level

Why it matters: The bond between you and your dog is a special one, and the stronger it is the more responsive they are during training, and the quicker they learn.

The sticking point: Caring for your dog comes naturally and easily, but forming a truly effective bond can take time and effort, particularly with rescue dogs who might have had a tough start in life.

The solution: It’s never too late to improve the bond you share with your dog. Having fun is the key. Mimic the movement of a bird with toys like our Crazy Thing, quickly move around a real-fur Chaser Tug to trigger the hunting instinct and offer high-value reward with The Clam.

Scroll down to shop our top bond boosting picks.

  • Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

    124 reviews

    Dogs will love shaking, tugging, biting and generally going nuts with this exceptionally entertaining tug toy! Offering hours of interactive fun, ...

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  • zzSold out

    Little Tuggers - Crazy Thing

    73 reviews

    Small and lightweight enough to pop in your pocket, but still tough enough to stand up to tugging games, this colourful tug toy is a real hit with ...

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  • zzSold out

    Bungee Food Bag

    34 reviews

    The Bungee Food Bag is ideal for putting a spring in the step of food-driven dogs.  If your dog is motivated by food but needs a little encouragem...

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