Small Faux Fur or Fleece Toys without Ball

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Bungee Food Bag
The Bungee Food Bag is perfect for dogs that are driven by food more than toys....
Faux Fur Chaser Tug
The Chaser Tug has been designed with one purpose in mind...........CHASE!! Description The Chaser Tug...
Faux Fur Pocket Squeaker
This toy is ideal for dogs who need just that little bit more encouragement to play...
Faux Fur Tug
The Faux Fur Tug is a great small toy that is comfortable to hold and...
Faux Fur Whip It
Faux fur whip attachment. Just attach to a lunge whip and play... Description Faux fur whip...
Fly, fetch and tug with our awesome fabric frisbee! Made from 100% waterproof, tear resistant...
The Clam
The Clam is a clever, pocket-sized toy that hides between its two shells a beautiful...