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100% Fish Skin Cubes
These fishtastic treats are made from 100% air-dried fish skins! Caught from sustainable sources and...
Dried Sea Bass (500g)
Top quality whole Sea Bass, gutted and dried, an excellent choice as an addition to...
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Dried Squid Strips (250g)
A fun seasonal chewy treat, packed with Omega 3 and high in protein. Description A...
Fish Skin Throw Sticks (500g)
These Fish Skin Throw Sticks are made from 100% fish skins and naturally dried, and...
Wolf Fish Skin Flatties (250g)
These Wolf Fish Flatties are made from 100% Wolf Fish skins, air-dried to retain all...
Wolf Fish Throw Sticks (500g)
These Wolf-Fish Throw Sticks are made from 100% natural, air-dried Wolf Fish skins, pressed and...