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Larger Faux Fur or Fleece Toys without Ball

Here are some things that will be perfect for you and your pack... We've also included some extra things you might want to consider


  • The Clam

    334 reviews

    The Clam is an innovative treat-dispensing toy that makes training a whole lot more rewarding for you and your food-motivated dog! This pocket-size...

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  • Crazy Thing Bungee Tug

    134 reviews

    Description Dogs will love shaking, tugging, biting and generally going nuts with this exceptionally entertaining tug toy! Offering hours of int...

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  • Faux Fur Chaser Tug

    109 reviews

    Let your dog experience the thrill of the chase! If you’d like to introduce your dog to chasing and tug games, this tuggy is a must-have addition t...

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  • zzSold out


    231 reviews
    from £17.95

    They'll catch it, fetch it, tug it and then … do it all over and over again! If your dog is a sucker for catching and fetching, this awesome fabric...

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  • Bungee Handled Fleece Tug

    95 reviews

    If fur isn't your dog's thing but they love a good tug, you might just find they like the texture of the soft fleece used to create this bright an...

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