The Sky’s The Limit For Jem & Russ

unnamed-2Falling in love with a specific sport and competing in competitions can often do wonders for a dog’s confidence – but it can also have the same effect on the owner. That’s the case with our featured customer this month – Jem Quarry and her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Russell. Three years ago, basic commands were the extent of Jem’s training experience. Then she went along to a canine freestyle workshop with Russell – and the talented duo haven’t looked back. Jem suffers with anxiety – and admits that getting in the ring with Russell for the first time was a huge challenge – but the sport has helped her overcome her problems.  She said: “I wasn’t sure that Russ would ever be able to compete as we only started training when he was aged 6 – but he took to it like a duck to water. We had our first competition in May and I was thrilled when we won second prize.  “The biggest challenge for us has been overcoming my anxiety and finding my confidence. Also, Russ is very much food-orientated which can make things difficult. I’ve found the Food Bag Tug toys to be really helpful with overcoming this and we are now getting to the stage where the toy itself excites him, and not just because it contains food! Upbeat music with lots of energy helps, too. “I’m extremunnamedely proud of how far we’ve come and we are looking forward to taking part in lots of smaller competitions, with the ultimate aim of making it to Crufts!”  Would you like to share your training journey with us? Drop us a line on

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