Suka Beats The Odds

Suka Beats The Odds To Achieve Flyball Success

  For some dogs, the biggest training challenge they face is overcoming nerves or conquering a certain bad habit. For Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever Suka, the challenge was much bigger…Untitled design-21 Suka, a member of the Sussex Screamers Flyball Club, was struck down with a life-threatening illness just two months after beginning her flyball training. She was diagnosed with an intrahepatic shunt, which caused her body to become full of dangerous toxins because blood wasn’t able to properly reach her liver. But after months of intensive treatment and life-saving surgery, Suka couldn’t wait to get back into training and, since being given the all clear at the start of this year, she has gone from strength to strength. Owner Guy Stevens said: “Suka had a very rocky start but after returning to training in January she hasn’t looked back. Just a few months later she took part in her first competition and won fourth place. Training with the help of the bungee handle has been a big help. As soon as Suka sees her Tug-E-Nuff toys she knows it’s time for training and she gets really excited. “My advice to owners of other dogs that have faced similar difficulties is to be guided by your vet about when they should return to training. Ours thinks the fact that Suka follows a raw food diet made a big impact on how well she recovered. “We’d love to compete in the open competition at the BFA Championships next year but until then our focus is on having a great time and enjoying every new experience.” Would you like to share your training journey with us? Drop us a line on LIMITED FESTIVE EDITIONS-4

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