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The Tug-E-Nuff Puppy Diaries: We’re getting a puppy!

Here at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we’re a family-run business built on a lifelong love of dogs.

And we have some exciting news to share: we’re about to hear the pitter-patter of tiny paws again as a new puppy joins our brood.

We know lots of you first discover our tuggies and other dog training toys when you get your own puppy, so we thought we’d share our journey to finding a new member for our family in a series of blog posts we’re calling The Tug-E-Nuff Puppy Diaries.

Our co-founder Teresa is leading the search for our new pup, so we’ll be quizzing her about everything from finding the right puppy, to settling in and basic training – and we’ll share all her thoughts and tips here on the blog…

Although we’re extremely excited about our new addition, the truth is that the decision to get another dog was a difficult and emotional one to make. 

‘Dogs have been part of our family since the children were small and we currently have four dogs: Jess, 14, Indy, 11, Tagg, 10, and Beam, 4,’ Teresa said.

‘However, up until May this year we had five dogs. Very sadly, we lost our seven-year-old border collie Zing following his battle with cancer.

‘I love all our dogs very much, but Zing was my ‘soul dog’ and losing him was heart-breaking.

‘Since then, our lives just haven’t been the same and a massive empty space has been left. Zing was one in a million and we know we could never replace him but I feel like getting a puppy could help us move forward.’

Luckily, running a dog toy business and having lots of four-legged friends about the house means we are pretty well-prepared for our new pup. However, we will need to make a few changes around the house to make sure it’s safe.

We have plenty of time, though, as we’re still in the early stages of the process. After lots of careful consideration, we’ve chosen the mum we’d like to have a puppy from (more on this in our next blog) so now we have to wait for her to have a litter of pups.

‘Soon we’ll start to get things ready by ensuring there are no electric cables left lying around and installing some new safety gates. We’ll also stock up on puppy training pads for those little accidents and treat the puppy to a selection of puppy-friendly tug toys from our range,’ Teresa said.

Although there’s still a little while before our new puppy is home, we can’t help dreaming about all the adventures we can enjoy and getting started with some training.

‘I would love the puppy to eventually be able to compete in Agility when old enough,’ Teresa said.

‘It would be great if the pup was a fast learner but I’m not at all worried if not. Each new dog is different and needs to be trained to their individual needs and ability.’

There’s nothing quite like the excitement that a new puppy can bring, is there? Are you getting a new addition to the family soon? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

In the meantime, check out our recent blog about our top picks of smaller tug toys that are just perfect for pups.

And don’t forget to check back soon for the next instalment of the Tug-E-Nuff Puppy Diaries to find out how we’re getting on!

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