Toy Testers’ Verdicts: The Faux Fur Bungee

When we launched the Faux Fur Bungee in 2014, we knew our customers would love it for it’s durability, affordability and its magical powers as a motivational training aid. 

It’s now a firm favourite with Tug-E-Nuff customers - but we wanted to really put it to the test. 

We asked four Toy Testers, who applied on our Facebook and Instagram, from different backgrounds with different types of dogs to give the Faux Fur Bungee a run for its money. 

Here’s what they had to say…

Hetty and Roo

Roo is an eight-month-old chihuahua trained in obedience, hoopers and heelwork to music (with plans to start agility next year). 

Hetty said: ‘‘Roo loves the Faux Fur Bungee. This particular bungee is quite fluffy but less destructible than the wool bungees we have bought previously.

‘I also like the Faux Fur Bungee because it is narrower than some of the others, so it fits well in her mouth. Roo has great focus for this toy. 

‘It’s helped us teach Roo how to play - something we’ve been working hard on. We love Tug-E-Nuff stuff! We couldn’t train without it.’

Jodie & Bramble

Border terrier Bramble is a G7 agility dog. Two of his four doggy siblings are a small crossbreed called Tulip, who’s learning foundation agility, and a golden retriever called Raffi, who’s trained in obedience and an assistance dog. 

Jodie said: ‘I have a family of six dogs ranging from a 13-year-old border terrier to a two-year-old French bulldog. The old dog is too lazy to play these days, and the Frenchies would far rather play with Raffi’s tail.

‘However, with Bramble, Tulip and Raffi, the Faux Fur Bungee was a hit. Bramble likes to retrieve and tug on toys, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the toy travelled through the air when thrown during agility. 

‘Tulip’s preferred method of play was ragging and shaking the toy around, and the shorter handle meant she could play without getting tangled in it. 

‘Raffi loves to tug, and being a big dog, the bungee handle was very useful! We also used this toy in agility and life skills classes, for dogs as young as four months, including cockapoos, crossbreeds, a dachshund and a terrier puppy, and it was a hit with all of them, as long as play sessions were kept short.

‘The sheer number of dogs that played with this toy will show you how durable it was! I found the dogs, when playing toy switching games with a similar sheepskin/ rabbit fur toy, there was still a slight preference for the real fur toys amongst all of the dogs.

‘I’d recommend people buy a couple of each toy to play toy switching games. Most importantly, though, it is essential that you learn your dog’s favourite playing style, and it isn’t always as you’d expect! You’d imagine my retriever would prefer retrieving the toy and the terrier would prefer trying to kill it, but it’s the other way around!

‘Overall, I really like this toy and it has been fun, durable and versatile for rewarding and tracing agility, obedience, recall, life skills and toy switching - however faux fur wasn’t quite as fun as the real deal for the dogs, but only just!’

Eden & Summer (@a_cavalier_called_summer)

Summer is a three-year-old cavalier King Charles spaniel. She does obedience and agility training and loves to chase balls and games that involve running. 

Eden said: ‘The Faux Fur Bungee appealed because I wanted something I could tug with Summer. Tug toys are great for rewards in agility as it keeps you connected with the dog and you can tug them out of the ring. 

One of the struggles I have with training is Summer is she gets totally fixated on getting her ball. I wanted her to be more focused and have a reward that comes from me (not a reward she needs to run to get).

The bungee is great for keeping her near me. I worried she would not hold on to it when we first got it but she loves it and surprised me at just how hard she can tug! She loves it on walks and loves running and jumping for it.    

It allows me to have a certain level of control over when she gets the reward and when play time ends. I love the creativity it brings and that she can also play with it with our other dogs.  

The Faux Fur Bungee is great compared to other toys we have tried and makes it more interactive than a standard tug toy. It really instigates their prey drive. The quality is amazing and it looks really appealing. 

‘There are so many ways we can use this toy whether it’s for just a game of tug, chasing ,or even playing fetch. We highly recommend.’

Martina, Kotten & Iron (@tallmohome)

Red setters Kotten & Iron are nine and five years old respectively and live in Jakobstad, Finland. They both do agility and dobo training.

Martina said: ‘My dogs have loved the Faux Fur Bungee - even if Iron isn’t fussed about toys normally.

‘I like the toy because it’s easy to bring with you and the dogs really love it.

‘Finding a good reward for the dogs has previously been a struggle. Treats aren’t always enough. But this toy has really helped. 

‘It is stronger than most of the other toys I have tried.

‘I would really recommend the Faux Fur Bungee to those that struggle with rewarding their dogs, just because it is hugely motivating even for reluctant dogs.’

Got questions about the Faux Fur Bungee? Drop us a line on and we’ll be happy to help.


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