Top Toy Picks: 3 of The Best Toys For Bully Dogs

‘Bully’ is the term used to describe a group of dogs that includes breeds like the English Bulldog, Bull Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Boxers, Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers.

Despite the name ‘bully’ and their strong, muscular appearance, bully breed dogs are typically gentle, lovable, loyal family pets.

If you’re lucky enough to own a bully breed, you’re probably on a quest to find toys that are strong, durable and highly stimulating. Well, you’ve clicked your way to the right place.

Here are our top picks of the best toys for bully dogs…

  1. Sheepskin Bungee Tug

This is the number one toy of ours that trainers up and down the country (including us!) recommend as the best dog toy for bully breeds. The Sheepskin Bungee Tug has a bungee handle is made with super-strong climbing grade webbing that will withstand hours upon hours of tugging fun and the stretch means it’s easy on your bully dog’s neck (and on your shoulder).

But the BEST part of this hugely motivating training toy for bully breeds is the large bite are made from real, sustainably sourced British sheepskin. It’s soft, fluffy and has an irresistible texture that taps into the chasing and hunting instincts of bully breeds, allowing you to channel their natural urges into positive, interactive play that boosts training.

New to playing tug? Find out why it’s a great idea.

  1. Sheepskin Chaser With Tennis Ball

There are three reasons so many owners of bully dogs LOVE our Sheepskin Chaser With Tennis Ball.

First, it’s got a longer length handle that makes it amazing for playing chase games and giving your dog an extra bit of distance when they tug.

Second, it’s got a super-satisfying bite area made with real British sheepskin that bully dogs simply go wild for.

And third, it’s got a humble-but-mighty tennis ball built-in, which makes an already incredible toy extra motivating, especially for ball lovers.

  1. Sheepskin Bungee Ring

If you’d like to improve the recall of your bully dog, then you need a supercharged training toy that can easily be taken out and about - and our Sheepskin Bungee Ring is it!

For lots of bully breeds, our Sheepskin Bungee Ring is the ultimate ‘high value’ reward. The prospect of a game of tug with this is more enticing than any other toy or treat. It’s made with the same extra-durable materials as the other toys we’ve mentioned here, making it perfect for the strong jaws of bully breeds.

Try one and watch them come running! Want some ideas for games to play with your Tug-E-Nuff training toy? Check these out.


What amazing toy for bully breeds would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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