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Our Top 5 Must-haves For Any Dog Trainer

When training a dog, there’s simply no substitute for time, commitment and love from a dedicated owner.

But at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we know all too well that sometimes teaching certain behaviours can feel like an uphill struggle.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can have up your sleeve to make training that little bit easier.

So whether you’re working on flyball, agility or obedience, here are our top five must-haves for any dog trainer…

  1. Treats

We strongly believe in the power of positive reinforcement. Our years of experience has proven how effective it can be and we’ve yet to meet a dog that doesn’t love a tasty treat as a reward for carrying out a command or mastering a new skill.

That’s why treats are the number one thing we think every trainer should never be without. Whether it’s a doggy biscuit or a bit of bacon, always have a handful of your dog’s favourite snack in your pocket ready for training time.

  1. Clicker

Pocket-sized clickers should be in every dog trainer’s toolkit. That’s because they are a great way of helping dogs associate the precise behaviour they have done well with getting a reward.

The distinct noise that the clicker makes usually grabs a dog’s attention quicker and better than any other sound, including your voice, so it really can make all the difference to your training. The key is to use a clicker consistently and to always follow a click with a treat.

  1. Tug toys

Some people avoid playing tug of war with their dog believing it can teach aggressive behaviour. In fact, if played in the right way, tug is not just really good fun for your dog, but it can help with teaching control. A game of tug can also be used as a reward during training.At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we specialise in making a huge range of long-lasting tug toys that dogs simply find irresistible. We even make ones with rabbit fur and sheepskin to tap into a dog’s natural urge to hunt.

  1. Food toys

For some dogs, there’s simply nothing quite as motivating as the promise of something to eat. And that’s absolutely fine! Successful training is about finding what your dog loves as a reward, and working with it.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a range of dog training toys that allow you to use food as part of your playing and training tactics. For instance, we have food bags that have bungee handles for doubling up to play tug. There’s also our best-selling The Clam, which is perfect for distance-training as it can be easily thrown – and your dog can get his own reward thanks to the clever Velcro design.

  1. Expert advice

Dog training is an activity you can do anywhere and everywhere but if teaching a particular skill is proving troublesome, or just taking longer than it should, it could be time to call in an expert.

There are dog training schools up and down the country, but if that isn’t for you then there are lots of places online to get some professional help from videos and blogs.

You can also join the community of dog trainers over on our Facebook page!

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