Dog sitters Vs Kennels: Which Should You Choose When You Go On Holiday This Year?

 width=Dog friendly holidays are all well and good, but sometimes there’s nothing better than boarding a plane and jetting off somewhere hot and sunny where you can totally relax.

Of course, the downside of a beach break in another country is that your furry friend can’t come along. And that means it’s decision time. Unless you have family or a friend who is willing to look after your dog, you have to either find a professional dog sitter or a kennels that will look after them.

So which should you choose?

Here are the pros and cons of both…


The main advantage of putting your dog into kennels is that it offers affordable care for your dog. You can also relax knowing that your dog will be safe and secure, unable to escape and cause themselves harm.

It’s worth asking around for recommendations of good kennels near you. A reputable one will make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and has the chance to socialise with people and other dogs. You can count on the people who work in the kennels to be dog lovers who will offer cuddles and reassurance if your dog finds it hard to settle down.

But there are downsides too. Putting your dog in kennels of course means putting him into an unfamiliar environment. This can cause him to feel stressed out, and he may refuse to eat or relax for a couple of days. Most dogs do get used to it eventually, though, and taking along his or her favourite Tug-E-Nuff toy can help.

It’s worth bearing in mind that putting your dog in kennels also means putting him at risk of picking up an illness from the other dogs, such as kennel cough. If your dog is up to date with his vaccinations then this should be less of a worry.

Dog sitters

For some dogs, just being away from their owners is enough to cause high levels of anxiety. If this sounds familiar, your top priority might be minimising stress by keeping your dog in a familiar environment – and in that case hiring a dog sitter to come to your home might be your preferred option.

A professional dog sitter will look after your dog at your home, just as you would yourself. They will spend quality one-to-one time with your dog, ensuring all their needs are met. This will include walking them, grooming them, feeding them, playing with them and even maintaining your regular training schedule.

The downside of this is the cost – a dog sitter can be more expensive than kennels. There is also the issue of having a stranger in your home, which is why it’s worth asking around for recommendations of trustworthy and reliable dog sitters.

We hope this has helped you make up your mind on the best option for you. We’d love to hear about how you decided over on our Facebook page…

Have a wonderful holiday!

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ALISON HILL - Jul 14, 2017

You havent given the third alternative. Home Dog Boarding. This is better than kennels for some dogs as they can stay in house and be treated as one of the family. Responsible Dog Boarders will have had the dog for a trial night or 2 before hand so it will not be new to the dog hence less stress, and of course all boarders have to be licensed with local council so many checks on safety etc have been done. The only thing to remember is that most of us that offer this service are booked up quickly and often 12 months ahead for some dates!

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