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Does What You Feed Your Dog Really Matter?

Feeding a dog can be expensive, and it can be easy to feel tempted into buying the bags or cans of food that are on offer in the supermarket, without even glancing at the ingredients.

However, some cheap dog food has the equivalent nutritional value of a cheeseburger and chips from McDonalds. It might taste good, and your dog might wolf it down, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing him or his wellbeing any favours.

At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we know that just like athletes, dogs need a healthy, balanced, high quality diet to succeed and thrive.

Why does it matter so much?

Good food will help keep your dog in the best possible health so you can enjoy a long and active life together. It will also ensure his coat stays sleek and shiny, he has plenty of energy for training sessions or playtime with his favourite dog training toy, and keep his immune and digestive systems working properly.

What to look for when buying dog food…

A good dog food will contain meat, vegetables and grains in perfectly balanced proportions to provide your dog with all the vitamins, minerals and fibre they need to stay healthy and active.

It’s important that high-quality versions of these ingredients are used so that your dog gets the best possible nutrition and doesn’t have any problems digesting his meals.

There are lots of different doggy diets – which one is the best?

The simple answer is there is no answer! Different dogs thrive on different kinds of diets. Lots of owners swear by the results they have gotten since switching to a raw food diet, whereas others say that approach is risky.

Some dogs do best on a high quality dried food diet, while others have a mix of wet and dry food. And some dogs follow particular diets to keep conditions like diabetes in check. 

They key is to do your own research with your dog’s breed, age and lifestyle and any health conditions in mind. We recommend having a chat with your vet to see what might suit your dog best.

Are snacks and treats a bad idea?

When used carefully, small treats can form an essential part of any dog training regime, particularly if food is a big motivator for your dog. We’ve even designed toys like The Clam and our Bungee Food Bag for this very purpose.

Of course, it’s important to bear in mind the overall calorie intake of your dog. Lots of snacks and treats in addition to their regular meals can result in your dog becoming overweight.

And don’t forget, always offer plenty of fresh water throughout the day and avoid allowing your dog to eat food like chocolate and onions, that can be poisonous.

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