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5 Ways Dog Training Can Benefit You As Well As Your Dog

Exercise and good fun are just two of the benefits of training for your dog. But what’s in it for you?

It turns out, quite a lot.

Here are five ways getting involved in dog training can give your health and wellbeing a boost… Exercise with dog

Better bonding 

Dog training requires that you spend lots of time with your dog, learning what they enjoy and what really motivates them. In turn, your dog learns how to respond to you and what makes you happy. This is the foundation of a great relationship between a dog and owner – and by training regularly you are guaranteed to strengthen that special bond you share.

Good exercise

It’s not just your dog that runs around during training – it also gets your blood pumping, particularly if you are training for a dog sport like flyball or agility. We all know regular exercise is vital to stay in good health so by training regularly you and your dog can look forward to a long, happy, healthy life together. 

Make friends

Going to dog training classes or a regular group is a wonderful way to make friends with people who love their four-legged friend just as much as you do. And having a network of friends who are also passionate about training can be really handy when you want some advice about a training problem – or if you’re at a loose end on a Saturday afternoon and fancy a long walk with others.Tugging on food bag

Learn new skills 

Whether it’s the patience to persist on learning a new training behaviour, or learning how to motivate your dog the best way, you are sure to develop a range of new skills if you commit to regular dog training sessions.

One thing you will certainly learn quickly is that training is most successful when its fun. And a sure fire way to make it more fun, is to use dog training toys. At Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear, we specialise in creating a range of training toys that tap into a dog’s instinctive urge to play. Once you’ve learned what toys get your dog fired up, you’re well on your way to success.

Enjoy more freedom

Dog training teaches a dog to be well-mannered and adaptable. Once this is achieved, you have the freedom to take your dog with you everywhere you go (as long as its dog-friendly) without having to worry about them running off or misbehaving. It even extends your freedom within your own house as with a well-mannered dog, you don’t need to worry that guests will be harassed when they come over or that the dog will sit and beg for food while you try to enjoy a meal.

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