5 Top Tips To Help You Enjoy a Dog-Friendly Holiday

It’s that time of year when everybody’s starting to think about a holiday… Whether it’s a week at the seaside or a long weekend in the country, some time away is the perfect chance to take a break from training and recharge your batteries.

For dog lovers like you (and us here at Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear), getting away isn’t as simple as boarding a plane and checking in to a resort hotel. However, taking your pooch on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful.

Here are our top tips to help you enjoy a dog friendly holiday…

  1. Research your dream destination

There’s nothing worse than arriving at a beautiful beach to find that dogs are banned and you have to walk away, without so much as a paddle in the sea. Make sure you do plenty of research to find areas that you and your dog can be free to enjoy. As well as searching online for dog friendly holidays, it’s a good idea to ask doggy friends for their recommendations.

  1. Plan your route

Unless you have a dog that loves travelling, you will probably want to minimise the amount of time you spend in the car. To help with this, make sure you plan a route that allows for plenty of stops where your dog can stretch his legs and have a drink. Often, motorway service stations have dog-walking areas – or you might be able to find somewhere more exciting for a quick walk if you take a scenic route.

  1. Pack carefully

From your dog’s favourite toy to his specialist food, it’s worth checking and checking again to be sure you’ve packed everything you need for your trip. If you’re planning some long walks, then don’t forget the right footwear for yourself. It’s also handy to carry a first aid kit, just in case.

  1. Give your dog time to settle in

New surroundings can be unnerving for some dogs, so as soon as you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to show your dog around and then go for a long walk so they can familiarise themselves with the area. If your dog seems particularly nervous or unsettled, offer plenty of extra cuddles and treats to help put them at ease.

  1. Take time off from your training schedule

We know that training is important, but don’t worry about sticking to a rigid schedule when you’re away. Remember that learning through play is hugely important – so use your holiday as a chance to have fun and try new games with your dog. Why not treat him to a new toy for the trip? The Rabbit Skin Chaser with Squeaker and Food Bag With Ball are both very popular during playtime with our dogs, but have a look around our online shop and find your favourite.

We’d love to hear if you have a holiday planned with your four legged friend(s), leave a comment below and tell us where you’re going 🙂

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