5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Sun

We’ve hit peak summer – and, for once, we have the weather to match!

Sunny days certainly put a spring in our step, but it’s not always as much fun for our furry friends. 

They can struggle in the heat – and it can even put their health at risk.

To help you have as much fun as possible this summer, we’ve put together a few tips for keeping safe in the sun.

1. Go for walks when its coolest

Tarmac can get incredibly hot as the day heats up, and can easily burn even toughened up paws. It’s a good idea to change your regular walking times – and your training sessions – to early morning and after the sun has gone down when it’s much cooler – for both of you! 

 2. Wear sunscreen

It’s not just us that can get burned in the sun – dogs can too! Delicate areas around the eyes, ears and mouth are particularly vulnerable, as well as the backs of dogs with lighter coats. Studies have shown that sun exposure is linked to skin cancer in dogs in the same way it is with humans – but there’s a simple solution: put sunscreen on them. For more details, check out the post we wrote all about doggy sunscreen last summer.

3. Never leave your dog in the car

This is a topic that’s often the news, and we’re sure seeing pictures of dogs in boiling hot cars horrifies you as much as it does us. However, lots of us are used to popping into a shop and leaving our pup in the car for just a couple of minutes, with a window open. The trouble is, on a very hot day even cracking a window isn’t enough to make it safe. Cars heat up incredibly quickly and dogs can’t sweat like us so they become dangerously hot very quickly. The best thing to do is not to leave your dog in the car at all – even for one minute and with the best of intentions.

4. Groom regularly

Your grooming routine is always important, but particularly when it’s hot. Brushing will remove excess hair and fur and keep your dog just that little bit cooler. If you still feel like they are too warm, a cool (but not cold) wet towel wiped over them every half an hour can help keep them comfortable. Or, fill up a small paddling pool in the shade and let them splash to their heart’s content!

5. Head to the water 

Walking around in the hot summer sun is hard work. Lots of dogs find swimming and paddling a much more fun way to exercise – particularly if they are chasing after their favourite Tug-E-Nuff training toy (the Pocket Bungee – Sheepskin Ball Tug and Frisbee are two of our favourites for throwing). So find out where your local dog-friendly river walk and beaches are – just make sure you take fresh drinking water with you to avoid any sore tummies!

What are your top tips for keeping your dog safe in the sun? Let us know in the comments!

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