3 Reasons To Throw Your Routine Out The Window

From breakfast at 8am to bedtime at 10pm, as humans, we thrive on routine.

And there’s good reasons for it…

A routine is predictable, which can be comforting. Routine can help manage the chaos of a busy life, making us feel organised and more productive. And, on a practical level, having a routine is a useful way to plan our time so that we can fit everything in (that’s certainly the case for us here at Tug-E-Nuff HQ). 

However, because we enjoy routine, we can sometimes inadvertently impose a routine on to our dogs.

It’s done with the best of intentions, of course, but there’s a growing school of thought that routine isn’t always a good idea when it comes to dogs.

Here are three reasons to throw your routine out the window…

1. Your dog will be happier

We all love our dogs and, more than anything else, want them to be happy. Playing with interactive training toys is certainly one way to make them happy. And according to some in the field, ditching routine could help with their happiness too.

The dog training experts over at absolute absoluteDogs agree that dogs who have less predictable schedules are much happier in their everyday life. That’s because dogs who aren’t fixed on a strict routine are more flexible. They adapt better to different situations, meaning they spend less time feeling anxious and stressed out, and more time feeling content.

2. You’ll increase your opportunities to reward and reinforce desired behaviour

As part of ditching your routine, the Absolute Dogs team recommend getting rid of structured meal times – and even your dog’s food bowl.

Instead, they suggest feeding in an interactive way by scatter feeding and using toys (like The Clam or our Food Bags), and using food as a reward used as part of positive reinforcement training.

By ditching the routine of ‘mealtimes’, you gift yourself more opportunities to reward and reinforce desired behaviour with food. Everyone’s a winner!

3. You’ll boost your bond

When it comes to training a dog, bond is everything. And what’s the best way to improve your bond? By spending quality time playing with your dog.

However, to keep your dog on their toes, it’s important not to have scheduled play time which feels forced in any way.

According to absoluteDogs, dogs can sense a ‘faker’ a mile off so it’s important to be genuine in your play and to remove all pressure and expectation from play time.

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What do you think? Would your dog benefit from a life with less routine? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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